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Our September 25th 2018 United Kingdom to Europe bound pet transport has room for 3 dogs or cats

September 29th Europe to UK bound dog transport has room for 4 dogs or cats
Collects in Europe on the 29th and back in the UK on the 30th
Dog and Cat transport booking with us is very very Simple. We need the Name, Address and Phone number of the person handing the pet over to us. We also need the Name, Address and Phone number of the person receiving the pet from us, if the pet is a dog  we also need the breed and size of the dog for the proper sized carrier. Our transport time table can be found here. That’s it.

We don’t take deposit, because we would give it back anyway if the transport is not needed. Payment can be made at the time of collection (cash only), at the time of delivery (cash only), or through bank or Paypal transfer before the collection of the pet. As you trust us with your pet we trust you with the payment.

We can not accept checks when collecting the pet/s, because it has to clear before the transportation takes place.

Please read our Terms of Service before making a reservation

For a Free Quote please fill in the details and send it to us. If you are satisfied with your quote and would like to book your pet/s please let us know as soon as possible to make sure your pet/s have room for the desired date.

Thank You very much. 

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We are not just pet carriers, but also pet owners and licensed by DEFRA
Please include if it is a meeting point or door to door delivery. Meeting point is when we meet somewhere along the road. You can write as much as you like, the box will extend when  you get to the end. 

For the safety of the other pets and personnel on board,  -We don’t carry dogs that are trained for fighting, personal protection or crowd control. We don’t carry dogs that are classified as Dangerous or illegal.