Transporting Dogs

Scheduled Pet Transport

What is a scheduled pet transport A scheduled pet transport is when the transport happens on set days announced ahead of the transport time. This allow people to schedule their travel or vacation or pet purchase to the transport time. A Scheduled pet transport usually carries several dogs and cats at the same time, collecting and delivering…

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Dogs Cats to United Kingdom


Dog and Cat kennels Calais France

Here below is a list of Dog and Cat kennels in the Calais France area. When your dog or cat don’t have the entry requirements into the UK you might be able to use one of them as a temporary solution. We will  transport your dog or cat to the UK if you had to…

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EU Pet Passport Requirements

The requirements are very simple. Below is a page by page information what you need in the EU pet passport From 29 December 2014 the new style passport must be issued by the Veterinarian. If your pet still have the old passport that was issued before the above date, you don’t have to exchange it. It…

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Taking a Dog to the UK from None EU Country

Bringing a dog into the UK from a none EU country Here is what you need to do. The dog will need a microchip implanted. European Union uses ISO 11784 / 11785 chip.  The date of the microchip must be before the date of the Rabies vaccination. Rabies Vaccination. After 30 days a blood test has to…

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Pets to Hungary

Pet transport to and from Hungary We Transport Dogs and Cats between Hungary and UK every month. Hungary is a member of the European Union and also one of the member states of the European Pet Travel Scheme. This makes transporting dogs and cats from the UK or other European countries to Hungary very simple.  All…

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