EU Pet Passport Requirements

EU Pet Passport Requirements

The requirements are very simple. Below is a page by page information what you need in the EU pet passport

From 29 December 2014 the new style passport must be issued by the Veterinarian.

If your pet still have the old passport that was issued before the above date, you don’t have to exchange it. It is valid for the life of your pet or until one of the pages fills up.

Where to get the Pet Passport??  In most EU  countries the Veterinarian will issue it.

This info is for pet passports issued after 29th of December 2014 (passports issued before this date everything is the same as before).

  • Page marked with Roman I: Owner’s name
  • Page marked with Roman II: The pet’s data. Birth date, breed, etc.
  • Page marked with Roman III: The microchip number. The date of the microchip implantation must be before or on the same date as the date of the rabies vaccination or else the rabies vaccination is invalid and your pet won’t be allowed into the United Kingdom.
    If the date of the microchip is later then the date of the rabies vaccination, the rabies vaccination becomes invalid and must be repeated and wait 21 days again in order for it to become valid. (yeah, stupid as stupid comes)
  • Page marked with Roman IV: The Name, address, email address and phone number of the Veterinarian issuing the passport. Make sure he/she signs the page at the bottom and also stamps it with is official stamp. If no stamp they won’t let you into the UK, but have to go to a Vet in France and have them issue a new passport with the Vet’s official stamp. 
  • Page marked with Roman V: Rabies vaccination data. This is required for dogs, cats and ferrets. Must enter the day it was administered, valid from date (the plus 21 days after vaccination. The day of vaccination is day 0 and not counting into the 21 days) and the date of expiry. If this is the first time the pet is vaccinated against rabies or the previous vaccination lapsed one or more days, you have to wait 21 days before entering the EU.
    Also, and this is very important, right on top of the Vet’s official stamp he has to write or stamp across his name address and phone number regardless that already is on page number IV
  • Page marked with Roman VII: Worm treatment. This is for dogs only! Veterinarian has to do it, have to enter the Date, the Hour and Minute into the passport.
    Only valid for 120 hours. You must wait 24 hours before entering the UK but have to be in before the 120 hours from the time of administration expires or else has to be repeated including the 24 hours waiting period. (after the 24 hours passed, you have 96 hours to enter the UK) Here he does not have to use the name address and phone number across his official stamp.
  • Page marked with Roman VIII: Tick and Flea treatment data and other treatment against parasites.  (not required to enter the UK from the EU)
  • Page marked with Roman IX: The doctor can enter any other vaccinations here. (not required to enter the UK from the EU)
  • Page marked with Roman X: Clinical examination.  All the Veterinarian need to do is to sign it and stamp it. This page means the pet was checked and found in good health to travel. EU law, this supposed to be done within 24 hours before the start of travelling. (not required to enter the UK) Here, he have to write or stamp his name address and phone number across his official stamp before using the cello tape.

Entering the EU with your pet from your country might have other requirements, so you need to check it out first.

If you are bringing your pet/s from the USA read this page

The pet’s vaccination booklet the Vet gives you in your home country not needed and no one will look at it at the border crossing. That is only for your own reference, or you can show it to a Vet in another country if your pet needs doctors care.
Who gives the Pet Passport? You need to go to a Veterinarian and ask for one. Usually the Vet is the one issuing it.

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