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How to get European EU pet passport

How to get European EU pet passport

EU pet passport is issued by Veterinarians in Europe. Your dog, cat or ferret needs to have a microchip and a rabies vaccination before they are issued an EU pet passport. The EU pet passport is valid as long as the rabies vaccination is valid or until one of the pages fills in and the last entry expired.

The implantation date of the microchip can not be later than the administration date of the rabies vaccination. It has to be earlier or on the same day

If you are coming from a non EU country with a third country certificate this is how you get one.
Third country certificates are valid for ten days only, enough to get you into Europe.

Instead of running around finding ways to legally travel with your pet from country to country within the European Union, just go to a local Veterinarian and get a European Pet Passport. Most of them fills it out right there on the spot only takes about 10  minutes. Some veterinarians might not issue a too many pet passports and might not have it in stock and have to order it, making you wait  a few days. If your pet already have a microchip implanted and a valid rabies vaccination you have all it requires and about 50 euros for the fee, the fee vary by Vet. Since your pet is in the EU legally, meaning all requirements already are satisfied you can get an EU pet passport. Use the hotel’s address or a friend’s or relative’s address or any address, it does not matter.

The United Kingdom, Norway, Malta, Ireland, Finland  also requires a tapeworm treatment 24 hours before you enter the country (for Dogs only). This worm treatment (the tablet) only valid for a total of 120 hours. 24 hours has to pass before you can enter and you have 96 more hours to get in. If the time expires by even a minute you have to go to the Vet again and repeat it including the 24 hours waiting period.

A Veterinarian has to put it in their mouth than need to enter the Date, the Hour and the Minute into the pet’s passport on the Roman page number VII, stamp it and sign it. The rabies vaccination needs to be on Roman page number V. If an entry is not on the appropriate page your pet will be refused entry at the border crossing, so make sure it’s right.

How to get European EU pet passportAlso on roman page number IV the Veterinarian’s information (name address, phone number, email address, the stamp and signature) has to be there.

On the rabies page (Roman V) on the right handside end where the Vet’s official stamp is he needs to either write by hand or some has a stamp made up, his name address and phone number, right on across his official stamp, just like if you were to draw a line across it, regardless of all this information is already entered on the Roman page number IV. 

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