Pet Transport Dates

Pet transport dates

Very Easy to remember our timetable.

  • The last full week of every month.
    Our next scheduled trip  leaves the UK on the 20th of March 2018 and returning to the UK on the 25th

We travel through the northern edge of France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary See our dog transport info and interactive map

Available spots for our March 2018 small animal transport service;


UK-Europe bound trip has room for 3 pets
Europe to UK bound trip has room for 5 pets




Pet Transport Dates 2018Leaving the UKCollecting in Europe
January23 Tuesday27 Saturday
February20 Tuesday24 Saturday
March20 Tuesday24 Saturday
April24 Tuesday28 Saturday
May22 Tuesday26 Saturday
June19 Tuesday23 Saturday
July24 Tuesday28 Saturday
August21 Tuesday25 Saturday
September25 Tuesday29 Saturday
October23 Tuesday27 Saturday
November20 Tuesday24 Saturday
December18 Tuesday 22 Saturday
 We always leave the UK on the Tuesday and arrive back into the UK on Sunday. The trip takes a day and half to our end destination in Hungary and day and half from Hungary back into the UK.  When we collect the pets, we need the following.

  • Pet Passport 

Our next trip is leaving the UK on the 20th of March 2018 and returns on the 25th.

 Read here what you need to have in the pet’s passport  

Of course your pet can have his/her blanket, toy, leash and their favorite food. We are also happy to take a shopping bag size parcel of your pet’s stuff.