Pets to Hungary

Pets to Hungary

Pet transport to and from Hungary

We Transport Dogs and Cats between Hungary and UK every month.

Hungary is a member of the European Union and also one of the member states of the European Pet Travel Scheme. This makes transporting dogs and cats from the UK or other European countries to Hungary very simple.  All you need is a chip implanted in the pet, a valid rabies shot and the pet passport.

We are one of the premier pet transport companies between the UK and Hungary and the countries in between. Our pet relocation service runs the last week of every month. (see our timetable)

  • A new Hungarian law that came into effect on January 1, 2013 requires all dogs to have a microchip implanted when the dog reach the age of 4 months. Keep this in mind if you are planning to settle in Hungary for an extended period of time or buying a dog there.
  • Hungary also requires all dogs to have an annual  rabies vaccination. This is also mandatory for all dogs.

Vet fees are cheap compared to other western European member states. Hungary is also a Shengen border country and as such,  the border control agency can stop your car at any time on any road to check for illegal aliens or other illegal content. So, if you are travelling to Hungary with your pet, the best is to have the pet’s paperwork in order.

Hungary has many quality dog breeders producing Champions all over the world.

Click here and browse through the Hungarian dog Breeder list and if you need your new dog transported we’ll be happy to assist you. If you need help with translation we can assist you with that too.

Email; Phone UK: 07717 577 532 Phone Int: 0044 7717 577 532
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11 thoughts on “Pets to Hungary”

  • Hello. I am looking for a quote to transport our puppy from Hungary to Uk. Miskolc to Brighton. Any information for August is greatly appreciated.

  • szia
    szeretnék kérdezni, remélem válaszrA Lelek.. ukban élek szeretnek holnapuan után utazni, viszont beneztem a veszettsegelleni oltast.. kifelé mentet (tehát magyarország irányába is) ugyan ugy el kell telnie 21 napnak az oltastol számitva hogy átléphesse a hatart?

  • Hello,
    I live in Austria and I am looking for dog for my family and I. We would perfer a silky coton which is a hybrid dog. Just a few questions.
    Do you breed dogs, because we want a very small dog
    How long would it take since Hungary and Austria are close to each other
    Is this possible in July
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Mida
      We don’t breed dogs. We are transporting them. You need to find someone that breeds dogs. I am sure there is a whole bunch of online adverts in Austria for dogs for sale. Good luck

    • Hi Rebecca
      We only transport once per month from Hungary and our August 29, 2015 transport is full. Next collection is September 26th and arrive back in the UK on the 27th.

  • Hello i have some questions do you take them with a car or an airplane? can a cat be with me on an airplane? And how much would it be?

    • Hi. We are transporting dogs and cats in a van. I have no idea if you can be with your cat on an airplane. Some airlines allow it most don’t. You have to ask them.

  • Hello, i want to buy a bernese mountain puppy but we live in england and i would like to get it from hungary. what are the facilities ? and the price if you could let me know
    thank you

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