The dog is sick

The dog is sick

Sick Dog

Dogs do get sick just like people do. We, pet owners always worry when the dog is sick. When taking our dogs for a walk they might find something in the grass or bushes they are going to eat and get sick from something unknown.

Afterwords many of these sickness comes in the form of vomiting or skin rash, which are usually bacterial infections.

When we have a sick dog, there is a remedy we use all the time that proved to be very very good in curing them and this remedy is Silver Colloid. Also called Silver Water or Colloidal Silver.

We make it at home and if one of them starts to vomit all 5  of them drinks from it. We also use this for any skin rash, itch or cuts and bruises on them and on our self.

Silver colloid kills 650 different types of bacteria within 6 minutes of contact. There is no known side effects to dogs or humans using it.

One of our little Yorkie, Billie Boy had an eye infection where one of the eye became completely grey. (we didn’t notice it in time, because of his long bangs over his eyes) Just a couple of drops of silver colloid into the eye twice a day for a week completely cured him and his eye is as good as new.

Our other little Yorkie Tinkabell had babies and one of her tits had a blocked milk duct and grew to 5 times its normal size and also became very hard basically over night. (Mastitis) We have started her on silver colloid as soon as we’ve noticed and also on 30mg of Ciprofloxin twice a day. This will kill the bacteria that grows in the blocked milk duct.

After 2 days of drinking only silver water and the use of Ciprofloxin her tit started to soften and by day 5 it was back to normal. We only had human Ciprofloxin 250mg tablets at home and had to cut them in 8th s in order to have the right dose for her size (about 25-50mg for an average size Yorkie) to make sure not to harm her and the babies. This antibiotic is safe not just for humans, but for dogs too. Tinkabell fully recovered and the babies are healthy too.

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