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Veterinarians in Calais

Veterinarians in Calais

Veterinarians in Calais. If your dog or cat don’t have all the necessary treatments or something is not right in the pet’s passport, you need to visit veterinarians in Calais to correct it or else you won’t be allowed into the United Kingdom. The laws governing pet transport into England are supervised by DEFRA their number is 01228 403 3600 if you are calling from the UK, or 0044 1228 403 600 if calling international

Pet owners most likely will board the train or the ferry in Calais France to cross the channel to England.

Below is a list of veterinarians in Calais where you can have you pet treated or for pet passport requirements. One of these will also be open on weekends and some of them also speaks english.

Animal doctor in Calais
Dog doctor in Calais
Dog surgery in Calais

Veterinarians in Calais


Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Wuillot
Dr Lavielle
Dr Mottoul
139 Boulevard Curie
62100 Calais
0321 821 5110321 367 256
Clinique Veterinaire des Salines
Dr Delval
11 Place Crevecoeur
62100 Calais
0321 007 1000321 007 109
Dr NowosadBoulevard La Fayette
62100 Calais
0321 366 796
0613 756 143
0321 361 840
0321 360 563
Dr Petry1148 Boulevard du Gal De Gaulle
62100 Calais
0321 347 739
Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Vermoot
Dr Cornille
Dr Favier
9 Avenue Frber
62250 Marquise
0321 928 912
0680 609 471
hors heures d'ouverture
Dr Kerckhove21 Route de Polincove
62370 Audruico
0321 822 358
Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Chazalviel
Dr Defachelles
Dr Boutiere
Le Champ de Foire
62610 Ardres
0321 354 003
Urgences: 24h/24 au
0321 354 003
Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Messien
Dr Ferme
73 Rue Aristide Briand
62100 Calais
0321 349 3880321 971 656
Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Popieul
Dr Morin
Dr Blanckaert
47 Rue de Napoleon
62930 Wimereux
0321 834 6020321 834 601
Clinique Veterinaire
Dr Stravakis
127 Rue Pascal
62730 Marck
0321 465 3530321 465 354

Read here what you need to have in the passport and on what pages in order for your pet to be allowed into the United Kingdom. EU pet passport requirements


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