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Dog Transport and Cat Transport Europe

Dog transport and Cat Transport in Europe

Dog and Cat transport van

Dog transport and cat transport service

United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary


We are DEFRA licensedDEFRA Authorized Transporter

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It Was Easy

Our vehicles are window vans with plenty of light flooding in during the day and no divider wall between the front seats and the back of our Vans.

This allow us to keep an eye on the pets during and also giving them a nice warm feeling of not being left alone.
Unlike if they were in a separate divided rear cargo area. Our vans are also Fully Air conditioned and Heated.

For every pet, We supply the proper size carriers.

The type that allows them to have a 360 degree view, because they are extremely curious and must know what’s going on or else….. .

Also excellent air circulation and easily cleanable to avoid diseases.

Some other type of cages only allow limited view, making them feel anxious and enclosed.

We don’t use built in cages as they pose risk of diseases.

Due to the crevices and corners butting up against each other and against the wall of the vehicle and are just about impossible to clean those hidden areas.

Allowing bacterial and viral growth that can make the pets sick.
We remove and wash them with bleach after every transport to avoid infections.

All animals travel in separate cages

unless the owner request them to travel in one. Cats can also travel in wire carriers or in a cat carrier, but, we prefer the wire carriers for the same above reason.

Because they are being curious and like to see what is happening around them (360 degree view).

We also have a couple of extra seats in the vehicle if someone wants to travel with their dog or cat. These seats are free to use and going fast, let us know in time if you’d like one. 

Dog walking

If you have to go You have to go

During the transport we stop at intervals
for walking the dogs and at the same time we check on all of them.

We feed the pets in the evening and in the morning, unless otherwise requested by their owner.
If any of the pets are taking medication or need ointment we’ll be happy to administer it 

What do I need to travel with my pets in Europe

Dogs, Cats and Ferrets need an
EU pet passport.
A microchip implanted.
Valid rabies vaccination. The valid rabies vaccination means; if your dog or cat or ferret had not had a rabies vaccination. 21 days must pass after the vaccination to be able to travel to another European country.
If they have had a rabies vaccination in the past, but expired even by one (1) day, 21 days must pass before they can travel.

The Pet passport is issued by the veterinarian. 

If you have the above, you can legally take your dog or cat from the United Kingdom to the countries in the European Union.

Coming back into England you will need all of the above, plus a worm treatment for dogs only.

Even though it’s only a pill it has to be administered by a licensed veterinarian because they have to enter the date, the hour and the minute into the pet’s passport.

Leaving England no worm treatment is needed, only coming back and only for dogs.

The worm treatment is only valid for 120 hours

but, you have to wait 24 hours before it becomes valid and be able to enter the UK with your dog (cats don’t need worm treatment).

If you don’t cross the border within that time frame the worm treatment and the 24 hours waiting period has to be repeated.

If you take your dog out of the United Kingdom and want to bring it back you have to do this every time before re-entering unless you come back within the 120 hours. 

Dog and cat transport 

to Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. We transport dogs and cats in Europe

Pet transport to Netherlands

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07717 577 532

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