Dog and Cat transport after Brexit

Dog and cat transport rules after Brexit, the rules will change.

Dog and Cat transport after Brexit

Great Britain will become a third country to the EU.

For now the rules for coming into Great Britain with your pets from the EU will remain the same. Dogs cats and ferrets need an EU pet passport.

Leaving Great Britain with your pets however will change dramatically and you will need to plan ahead if you want to take your pets with you.

Since Britain will be a third country the following pet travel rules will apply

Dogs cats and ferrets will need a rabies vaccination. After Thirty days (30 days) a blood test must be taken and wait 90 more days. If the blood test was successful and showing rabies antibodies a health certificate need to be issued by an authorized Veterinarian. The health certificate is valid for 10 days during which you have to cross into the EU.

The pets can stay there for 4 months.

The blood test need to be done only once if you keep the rabies vaccination valid. Meaning, the dog cat or ferret gets a new rabies vaccination before the previous one expires.
Since there is no rabies in the UK, the vaccination is valid for 36 months.
The health certificate must be issued every single time you want to take you pet to the EU.