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Dog and Cat Transport England Germany

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Dog and Cat transport Englad Germany

Dog and Cat transport England Germany 

Dog and cat Transport between England and Germany. We have a monthly pet transport service covering Germany.

Our monthly scheduled dog and cat transport is reliable and friendly.
See our pet transport time table

Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Munich, Berlin, Hanover, Dresden, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Bremen, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart dog and cat transport to and from Germany.
We transport family pets

What do dogs and cats need to travel from Germany to England

  • They need an EU pet passport
  • a microchip implanted
  • valid rabies vaccination
  • Worm treatment for dogs only the day before travelling
  • We are also happy to take your pet’s bedding, toys, dishes etc with your pet.

The Benefits:

  • Our service is very reasonably priced
  • We are Defra licensed dog transporters
  • Years of experience transporting pets
  • Fully air conditioned and heated vehicles.
  • The vehicles are nice and bright with windows all around
  • We supply the proper size carrier for each pet. Cages individually supplied to match the size of your pet, to make sure they are comfortable during the transport. Not one size fits all.
  • We also offer individual transport just for your pet/s (higher cost)
  • We administer medication if your pet needs it
  • Walk the dogs multiple times
  • Cover Germany and other European countries.


We are not just Dog transporters, but also dog and cat owners treating yours like one of ours. Our eight dogs and our cat are happily sharing the house with us in peace and harmony.

Dog and Cat transport England Germany
Phone: 0044 7717 577 532

Email: [email protected]