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Dogs Cats and Ferrets

Transporting Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

The requirements for traveling with dogs, cats and ferrets between the EU states are almost the same.

They all need a

  • pet passport,
  • a microchip implanted
  • and the rabies shot.
  • If you are bringing a dog into the UK, the dog also need to have a worm treatment done by a practicing Veterinarian and that needs to be documented in the pet’s passport. 

After the worm treatment the dog need to wait 24 hours before entering the UK, but have to cross the border within 120 hours or else the treatment have to be done again. For this worm treatment the Veterinarian have to enter the date, the hour and the minute when it was administered into the dog’s passport.

Cats don’t have to have the worm treatment and neither do ferrets. Tick and flea treatment are optional for all three. Since January 2012 no blood test needed travelling from one country to another within the EU.

The microchip have to be implanted prior to the rabies vaccination.

Also there is no more quarantining of dogs cats and ferrets when entering the UK from other European member states if they meet the above circumstances. If the pet is missing one of the requirements, they can not enter the UK. Simple as that. Read detailed information about what you need for bringing pets into the UK