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How to get a pet passport

Here is how to get a pet passport

Pet passport is required in the European Union for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets if they travel to another EU state. Not required if they stay in their own country.
Pet passport

In Europe, the pet passport is issued by licensed Veterinarians.  
Some Vets don’t stock them and the best is to ask if you are in a hurry and find another Vet if the one doesn’t have it in stock. 

In Hungary and in most European countries the Vet will issue it straight away and in ten minutes you are ready to travel to another EU country. 

In the UK they make you wait several days, up to a week to issue one. So you better start at least a week earlier before your travel date.

The cost varies from country to country. In Hungary it cost about 10 pounds, in the UK cost about 60 Pounds, in Germany cost about 60 Euros.

  • The total cost of the pet passport for a dog, cat or ferret including a microchip, rabies vaccination and the pet passport;
    Hungary cost an average of about 15,000 thousands Forints or about 40 pounds
    In England it cost an average of about 120 Pounds or about 135 Euros
    In Germany cost an average of about 110 Euros

How long is a Pet passport Valid

The Pet passport is an official document just like passports used by people.
Unlike people’s passport that has an expiry date, pet passports don’t have an expiry date.

Pet passports are valid until the death of the pet or until the Rabies vaccination is valid or if one of the pages fills up.

What information need to be in the pet passport

The following pages have to be completed in order for traveling in the EU states:

Roman number I, II, III, IV, V for dogs cats and ferrets.
Roman number VII for dogs only if they travel to a country where worm treatment is required. There are 5 countries require worm treatment in Europe. 

  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Malta
  • Ireland

The rest of the pages are optional for traveling from one EU state to another. 
Photo of your pet is not required.
Since it’s an official document, repairs are not allowed.
If the Vet makes a mistake they need to replace it with a new passport instead of trying to fix the mistake.

If you are coming from outside of Europe and want to get an EU pet passport

Since your dog was already allowed into Europe, meaning  the European requirements were fulfilled, you can just go to a local Vet and get one. Providing you also have an address like a friend’s address.