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Pet Transport Dates

Pet transport dates


We travel through the northern edge of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary 

Pet Transport Dates 2020Leaving the UKCollecting in Europe
January27 Monday25 Saturday
February02 March Monday29 Saturday
March30 Monday28 Saturday
April27 Monday25 Saturday
May25 Monday23 Saturday
June29 Monday27 Saturday
July27 Monday25 Saturday
August24 Monday22 Saturday
September28 Monday26 Saturday
October26 Tuesday23 Saturday
November30 Tuesday27 Saturday
December21 Tuesday 18 Saturday

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We always leave England on Tuesday and arrive with the pets on Sunday. The trip takes a day and half to our end destination in Europe and day and half from Europe back to England.  When we collect the pets, we need the following.

  • Pet Passport 

 Read here what you need to have in the pet’s passport  

Of course your pet can have his/her blanket, toys, their favorite food, etc. We are also happy to take your pet’s stuff.