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Scheduled Pet Transport

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What is a scheduled pet transport

A scheduled pet transport is when the transport happens on set days announced ahead of the transport time. This allow people to schedule their travel or vacation or pet purchase to the transport time.

Dog and Cat Transport Belgium

Dog and Cat transport to Belgium

A Scheduled pet transport usually carries several dogs and cats at the same time, collecting and delivering them to and from different locations reducing the per pet cost of transport to a very manageable amount.

Individual or private pet transport means just for the one owner and their pet.

While a scheduled dog or cat transport from a certain city in Germany to a certain city in the UK might cost a couple of hundred pounds, an individual transport might be several times as much.

On a scheduled dog and cat transport several pets are sharing the cost, hence the low price, while with an individual transport the one has to pay for all expenses related to the travel.

The benefit of a scheduled pet transport

  • Lower price compared to an individual pet transport.
  • Reliability, because it runs on schedule so our clients can reserve space months ahead.
  • Allow you to schedule your travel or holiday along with your pets travel.
  • Also if you are a breeder you can schedule the transport of your new puppy to and from other breeders or to your clients way before the pup reach the legal age to travel to another EU country.

The benefit of an individual pet transport is that only your pet/s are transported. Although it is more expensive you are assured there are no other pets in the vehicle.

What is a scheduled pet transport looks like? We collect and deliver several pets along our route within a given time frame. Each pet travels in a separate carrier (unless someone has two or more and instruct us they can travel in the same carrier) which we also supply for the trip.

We have scheduled stops at certain intervals for walking he dogs and physically check the other pets in the vehicle.

We feed them in the evening and in the morning unless otherwise requested.
If one of them soils their pan we stop at the first opportunity and clean it straight away.
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