Taking a Dog to the UK from None EU Country

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Taking a dog to the UK from none EU country

Here is what you need to do taking a dog to the UK from none EU country

  • The dog will need a microchip implanted.  The date of the microchip must be before the date of the Rabies vaccination.
  • Rabies Vaccination. After 30 days a blood test has to be done and you have to wait another 3 months. The rabies vaccination must be valid to enter the UK or the EU.
  • Worm treatment. You have to wait 24 hours before entering the UK, but have to cross the UK border within 120 hours or else the worm treatment has to be repeated.
  • Also need a Third country certificate. The local animal health authority in your country can give you one or the Local Vet if they are authorized to issue the document.
  • If the dog already has a vaccination book that contains the dog’s data and the above, you can use that to get the third country certificate from you local Vet or Animal Health Authority.
    Why? Because it already has all the info in it you need for the third country certificate. Saves you some time.
  • The above data all has to be on the third country certificate.

In the UK DEFRA is the organisation supervising all pet movements. For exact info best to call them on the phone. Their opening hours are Monday to Friday 09 am to 4pm UK time. Here is the number you can call internationally 0044 1228 403 600