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Terms of Service

Before contracting us please make sure you read the following.

We don’t require a reservation fee. The full transportation cost must be paid at the time of collection, at the time of delivery, or by bank or Paypal transfer before the collection of the pet/s.

 All we ask is: If the pet can not travel on the reserved date, please notify us at least One  week in advance.

If you want to re-schedule the travel date please make your request at least One week prior to the travel date in advance, so that we have enough time to secure another pet for that time slot.  

The travel date can be changed for free, but please give us at least One week notice.

We can not accept checks when collecting the pet/s, because it has to clear before the transportation takes place. Payment can be made in cash at the time of collection, or at the time of delivery. If paying by bank or Paypal transfer please make the full payment.

The pet/s can have a toy, a blanket, a leash and enough food for the trip. We can’t carry anything else. We supply the carriers.

We are unable to transport pets that are not healthy enough to travel. The “Clinical Examination” page in the pet’s passport needs to be stamped and signed by your veterinarian prior to travel, that means he or she states the pet is fit to travel. Although we are very careful with all pets in our care, if the Clinical Examination page is not stamped and signed by your Veterinarian we can not take responsibility if the pet gets sick or suffers any adverse health effect during the transport.

If the pet needs medication while traveling, we’ll be happy to administer it.

For the safety of the other pets and the personnel in the vehicle. We don’t transport dangerous dogs, or dogs that are trained for fighting, personal protection or crowd control. These dogs are hard to handle and only listen to their handler. In case of emergency we might not be able to control them.

We don’t give out any information including emails, phone numbers or place of residency to anyone.

By contracting us you have agreed to the above conditions.