Transporting dogs and cats from Calais to England

Occasionally the dog’s or cat’s passport had not been filled out correctly and missing some vital information. In that case the pets are not allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

Pet passport

If that happens people have no choice, but turn back where they came from, stay in a local hotel with their pet, or leave the pet in Calais in one of the animal kennels

We offer a very useful service. If the pet is left in one of the kennels and the owner has no time or the means to go back to collect their pet , we go across to Calais and bring the dog or cat over to the UK once the requirements are fulfilled.


If you leave your pet in a kennel you can ask them to correct the missing information. They will take the dog to one of the local Veterinarians and have it done.


The most frequent pet passport mistakes

  • The worm treatment for dogs has not been done or did not pass the 24 hours waiting period before they can enter the UK
  • Worm treatment must be on Page Roman number VII. Sometimes the Vet enters it onto a wrong page like page VIII, but they don’t accept that at the border
  • Another one is if the rabies vaccination is missing or has not reached the 21 days waiting period after vaccination. (This only applies if first time vaccination or if the previous has expired)
  • If this is the first rabies vaccination the date of the microchip implantation has to be earlier than the date of the rabies vaccination. If not, by EU law the rabies vaccination is considered invalid and needs to be repeated. No sense in it, but that what the law says and at the border crossing they are sticking to it
  • Doctors stamp is missing on one of the pages. Pages Roman number IV, V, VII (worm treatment for dogs). The doctors stamp has to be there.
    -Page Roman number IV All fields must be filled in and doctor’s stamp and signature at the bottom is a must


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