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Veterinarians in Calais France

Veterinarians in Calais for pet passport

Veterinarians in Calais. If your dog or cat don’t have all the necessary treatments or something is not right in the pet’s passport, you need to visit a veterinarian in Calais. The mistake needs to be corrected or else the pet won’t be allowed into the United Kingdom. The laws governing pet transport into England are supervised by DEFRA. Their number is 01228 403 3600 if you are calling from the UK, or 0044 1228 403 600 if calling international

Pet owners most likely will board the train or the ferry

in Calais France to cross the channel to England.

Below is a list of veterinarians in Calais where you can have your pet treated or for pet passport requirements. Rabies vaccination or tapeworm treatment. One of these will also be open on weekends (usually the first one on the list) and some of them also speak English.

Animal doctor in Calais
Pet doctor in Calais
Dog surgery in Calais

Veterinarians in Calais

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Read here what you need to have in the passport and on what pages in order for your pet to be allowed into the United Kingdom. EU pet passport requirements